• 2023-09-26
  • Piranesi Award awards the best architectural realization from the last two years, built in a Central Europe region. Projects are selected by national selectors at the end of October. Each of 11 invited Central-European countries – Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia – presents five national architectural projects.

    The purpose of the call for applications is the selection of realized architectural works, which will compete for the 2023 Piranesi Award at the Piranesi international architectural exhibition, organized within the international conference Piran Days of Architecture.

    Architectural creations that were completed in 2021, 2022 and/or 2023 may be proposed to the call for applications.

    You need to send your proposal by e-mail to your national selector. Their names and e-addresses are published at:

    Proposals should be reasoned and presented in a way that enables the most faithful presentation of architectural creations, in pdf format:

    -Maximum size of the presented material is A3 format, max. 5 sheets.

    -Situation, typical floor-plan and cross-section should be shown.

    -A minimum of two photos must show the project in the wider context in which it is located.

    -In the case of an annex or superstructure extension to a building, a minimum of two photographs must show the contact between the existing and the new building.

    -The project must be presented by a minimum of 3 photographs.

    The proposal should contain in EN language:

    -Name of the project, location and year of realization

    -Name of the author or group of authors

    -Name of the photographer

    -Name of the contact person, e-mail address and mobile telephone number


    The deadline for delivery of proposals is 18. 10. 2023. Send them in pdf format to the e-mail address of your national selector:

    Your national selector will make selection of five projects by 25. 10. 2023. Selected projects will be exhibited at the international architectural exhibition for Piranesi Award in Monfort Exhibition Hall in Piran, Slovenia. The opening of the exhibition will be on 25 November, closing on 30 December 2023.

    The selector has the right to add his/her own proposals.

    Architects, selected by their national selector, will be informed about the selection and given further exhibition instructions by the organizer on 27. 10. 2023.


    Selection criteria:

    -Considered setting in an urban or natural space

    -Spatial and design accordance with the context

    -Contemporary innovative spatial plan and layout

    -Respectful approach to the natural and cultural heritage

    -Contemporary understanding of traditional and autochthonous architectural elements

    -Innovative details

    – Considered use of color, materials, texture and light


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    Thank you for applying your work!

    We invite you to join us at 2023 Piran Days of Architecture international conference!

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